Don’t let the Corps Dam Salmon to a Cruel Fate

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The Buckley Dam was built in 1911 and is showing its age. Salmon trying to get upstream impale themselves on exposed rebar and damaged planks. Others struggle as they fail to locate or find space in the dams’ outdated fish trap. Even if they make it into the trap, they’re battered and bruised as they wait to get trucked upstream past the dam. The ones who finally make it upriver are so tired and injured that their chances of surviving are much worse than they should be.

The result is hundreds of thousands of dead salmon – including endangered species, like the Chinook. This terrible fish kill could be stopped if the Army Corps modernized the fish passage. Please urge them to stop dragging their feet and fix this old, defective dam.

To: Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary, US Army Corps of Engineers

Currently, hundreds of thousands of salmon are dying at Buckley Dam, a facility operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the White River near Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington. These fish are dying in large part because this dilapidated dam lacks a modern, well-functioning fish passage facility.

The Corps says it will repair the dam, but it is dragging its feet on updating the fish passage. This will result in more dead salmon, and could actually cost more taxpayer dollars to update the fish passage at a later time. Please make the necessary changes to the Corps’ budget to allow for a complete fix – dam repairs AND fish passage modernization – to Buckley Dam by 2015.


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Action Updates

  • 01 December 2014

    Action Update

    Thank you for taking action! As a result of your advocacy and the persistence of local tribes, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the Buckley Dam, is promising to upgrade the dam by 2020 to prevent these fish kills. This is good news but should be met with caution: the Army Corps has promised these such fixes before and not delivered. Until these upgrades are completed, fish will continue to die each day. So we need keep the pressure on now more than ever! Share this action with friends, family members, and coworkers: Each signature brings us one step closer to allowing salmon to return to their White River spawning grounds!

  • 09 June 2015

    Good News!

    Recently Washington Senator Patty Murray included language in an appropriations bill urging the Corps to stay on track to ensure safe passage for salmon by 2020. And as we speak, temporary repairs are underway to make the dam less deadly for salmon during what is forecast to be a large pink salmon return. Add your voice to the thousands of others urging the Corps to not delay this.


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