Horses Aren’t Food! Pass the SAFE Act

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Horses in the U.S. are unfit to be eaten. They are raised as domesticated pets instead of for consumption, and eating horse meat could harm humans — potentially causing cancer

A ban on consuming horse meat was lifted in 2011, and while there has been temporary restrictions on slaughtering horses since then, the practice has returned. The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act would bar any sale or transport of horses with the intent of consumption both in the U.S. and cross-country. This would protect domestic horses from slaughter and prevent any harmful effects from eating U.S. horses.

Stand with the American Wild Horse Sanctuary and urge Congress to pass the SAFE Act.

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To: U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

You need to pass the SAFE Act before more humans and horses suffer from the consumption of horse meat.

Unlike other farm animals such as pigs and chickens, horses are not raised with the intent of consumption; they are treated as pets like dogs and cats. The drugs frequently administered to these animals could seriously harm any human that eats parts of an equine.

We should not continue the harmful practice of consuming horses. The SAFE Act would keep equine meat off our shelves and out of foreign export. I support the American Wild Horse Sanctuary and ask you to pass the SAFE Act.


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Action Updates

  • 14 January 2030

    Big Win

    President Obama recently enacted legislation that bans horse slaughter for human consumption in the United States through September 30, 2014. This is a great stride forward in protecting horses. But, there’s more to be done. Keep urging Congress to pass the Safeguard American Foods Export (SAFE) Act, to ensure that the slaughter of horses is banned permanently.


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