Demand a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights!

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Founded in 2007, the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is the nation’s leading voice for the millions of domestic workers in the United States, most of whom are women.

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Domestic workers from across California have one message: domestic workers care for the families and homes of California with respect; it’s time for California to take care of its domestic workers so they can provide for their own families.

Sylvia Lopez is a house cleaner in the Bay Area. She works hard cleaning homes to provide a better life for her two children, Karina and Daniela.

“We work in the shadows without a law to protect us from harsh chemicals or enforce the agreements we make with our employers.

I don’t want my daughters to think that the work their mother does is less than real work. I want them to go to college, become professionals and to know that their mother did important work too. I am a house cleaner so that my daughters can have a better life.

It’s important to me that my daughters to see my work as dignified -- we need a domestic workers bill of rights in California.”

Domestic workers need a law that will guarantee the basic protections that most of us take for granted. These protections may not seem like much to most people, but they will make a world of difference Sylvia and other domestic workers who care for what we value most.

Sylvia is part of the California Domestic Workers Coalition. Together she and thousands of other advocates are building a movement to win dignity, respect and labor protections for domestic workers in California. They are working to pass the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. And they need your help!

Legislators and Governor Brown, it’s time to pass the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights!

To: Governor Jerry Brown, California State Legislature

Domestic workers take care of our families, help them take care of theirs: Support the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (AB241)!

This injustice has gone on long enough. It’s time to pass and sign the California Domestic
Workers Bill of Rights so that the thousands of domestic workers in California -- the workers who care for what we value most -- are guaranteed basic labor protections.

It’s time to stand up for families and guarantee dignity, respect, and labor protections to domestic workers in California by passing and signing into law the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.


  • 703
    Ellen Jordan
    Orange, CA
    2 years ago
  • 702
    Lily Kazantzi
    2 years ago
  • 701
    Yve Laris Cohen
    Brooklyn, NY
    2 years ago
  • 700
    Lazaro Cardenas
    Box Springs, CA
    2 years ago
  • 699
    Alysha Aziz
    Hayward, CA
    2 years ago
  • 698
    Sylvia Keber
    Cambridge, MA
    2 years ago
  • 697
    Marcos Mazo
    Syr, NY
    2 years ago
  • 696
    Chuck Dowe
    Boston, MA
    2 years ago
  • 695
    Todd Jailer
    Berkeley, CA
    2 years ago
  • 694
    Ronald Bach
    2 years ago
  • 693
    Robert Gabriel
    Lacey, WA
    2 years ago
  • 692
    Lara Herchenbach
    2 years ago
  • 691
    Sophat Phea
    Federal, CA
    2 years ago
  • 690
    Frances Huynh
    El Monte, CA
    2 years ago

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