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11.1 million immigrants live in the United States, hundreds more die every year attempting to cross the border due to strict immigration laws— even children residing in the U.S. for years are being arrested

The Senate passed legislation providing millions of immigrants a chance at citizenship. Its opponents in the House firmly contest a path that would enforce background checks, fees, and other measures; instead they insist on a "path to legalization", offering green cards to some but not citizenship. Recently, Rep. Trey Growdy even proposed the SAFE Act turning millions of illegal immigrants into criminals overnight.

Some Republicans have begun championing comprehensive immigration reform, but it's time to do more than discuss improvements. Stand with the Courage Campaign and demand the House of Representatives support this landmark bill.

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To: House of Representatives

We must reform immigration laws in America to ensure better outcomes for future citizens. The Senate recently passed a bill to put over 11 million people on a path to citizenship, and now the decision is yours. We have never been so close to comprehensive immigration reform, and cannot afford to argue anymore— it's time for lasting change that helps our entire country.

Listen to the Courage Campaign and other Americans, and pass this landmark bill.


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Action Updates

  • 25 October 2013

    U.S. Closer to Immigration Reform

    With the federal government reopening after the shutdown, President Obama named immigration as one of three issues in which bipartisan progress is possible. As the majority of Congress (including Republicans) supports paths to citizenship, the stall for reform rests on a few shoulders in the U.S. House of Representatives. Keep signing and urge Congress to reform immigration laws!

  • 18 May 2015

    We Did It!

    Thanks for working with us to reform immigration! Lets keep up the momentum and continue to share this action with family and friends!


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