Stop Illegal Whaling in Iceland

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Whales are currently being slaughtered in Iceland for little economic benefit. Despite the International Whaling Commission’s self-imposed moratorium on commercial whaling in 1986, Iceland resumed hunting endangered fin whales in 2006. 

Even though the U.S. government has imposed diplomatic sanctions in the past, Iceland has continued to kill, hunt, and trade minke whales, as well as export whale parts to countries like Japan, Norway, Latvia and Belarus.

Recently, Germany stopped six containers of whale meat bound for Japan, and returned it to Iceland. This is the kind of activity that is needed for Iceland to stop the hunting of endangered whales!

Less than five percent of Iceland’s native population actually eat whale, and yet hunting has continued because of tourism and international trade. Stand with the Natural Resources Defense Council in urging the U.S. government to impose targeted economic sanctions on companies tied to Iceland’s illegal whaling industry!  

Photo Credit: Sigtryggur Johannsson/Reuters 

To: Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell

Overfishing threatens whale populations globally. Weighing up to 80 tons and measuring twice the length of a school bus, these beautiful creatures have been victims of commercial slaughter for decades. The U.S. must take economic and political measures to ensure the slaughtering of fin whales is stopped immediately. 

I urge you to support President Obama in setting up economic sanctions pressuring Iceland to end the killing and trade of fin whales right away! I stand with the Natural Resources Defense Council in demanding an end to illegal whaling.


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