Stand With the President! Support a Climate Agenda Focused on Solutions

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The Sierra Club's mission is to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth.

The Climate Reality Project, founded and chaired by former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.

About the Petition

On Tuesday, June 25th, the President laid out a second-term plan to address climate change that included cutting our carbon pollution, preparing the US for impacts of climate change and leading international efforts to address the issue. In addition, the president indicated that the Keystone XL pipeline may not be approved.

The president has thrown down the gauntlet and now it's up to us to create a movement. Add your name and tell the president that you support his plan to reduce carbon emissions.


To: President Obama

Thank you for advancing your commitment to address carbon pollution.
From Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast, to droughts and now flooding in the Midwest, to the massive wildfires ravaging the American West, the reality of climate change has never been more clear. Fueled by carbon pollution, these events are destroying our communities, transforming lives, and costing us billions of dollars each year. We are all paying the incredibly high cost of carbon pollution, while the oil and coal companies causing the pollution are making record profits. This has to change.
Your plan takes us in the direction we need to go to cut carbon pollution, and I am honored to support this plan.
Mr. President, I’m excited to help move  A climate agenda that is focused on solutions. Let’s do this!


[Your name here]

Action Updates

  • 18 May 2015

    We Did It!

    Thanks to all of our supporters who helped us reach more than 10,000 signatures! Lets continue the momentum! Please share this action with family and friends!


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    John Watt
    Melbourne, FL
    53 seconds ago
  • 19260
    Diane Arnal
    Saint George, UT
    3 minutes ago
  • 19259
    Steven Kostis
    New York, NY
    4 minutes ago
  • 19258
    Heike Feldmann
    6 minutes ago
  • 19257
    Paul Potts
    Raymond, WA
    8 minutes ago
  • 19256
    Sybil Sable.
    United Kingdom
    9 minutes ago
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    Ralph Timberlake
    Huntsville, AL
    14 minutes ago
  • 19254
    Gillian Blakely
    United Kingdom
    18 minutes ago
  • 19253
    Carmen Lacarcel
    20 minutes ago
  • 19252
    Christopher Rowley
    Saint Louis, MO
    21 minutes ago
  • 19251
    Anne Proud Fire
    Rochester, NY
    21 minutes ago
  • 19250
    Debbie Cox
    Oakland, CA
    23 minutes ago
  • 19249
    Jo Corrigan
    Unionville, TN
    34 minutes ago
  • 19248
    Beverly Hoff
    State College, PA
    36 minutes ago

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