Support Children of Domestic Violence

About the Pledge

Domestic violence in the home has a lasting psychological impact on children. Stand with organizations like Children of Domestic Violence and help give youth faced with domestic violence essential resources to end this vicious cycle.

Two hundred and seventy-five million children observe domestic violence each year— five million in the U.S. alone. Studies have shown, children who witness (physical, emotional or sexual) domestic violence can face certain behavioral, social, and cognitive problems later in life. Also, children who are exposed to domestic violence usually have higher levels of aggression, anger, anxiety, fear, as well as low self-esteem

Young people are three times more likely to repeat violence they directly perceive. Intervention programs through domestic violence shelters, community centers and welfare organizations help children get the love, resources and support they need to rise above domestic violence. Help the 45 million children and adults victimized by domestic violence in the U.S. seek the aid they need to transform their lives and break the cycle of violence.

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I pledge to stand with organizations like Children Of Domestic Violence in helping the 45 million children and adults affected by domestic violence in the U.S. I will take steps to end domestic violence against adults and children.

I pledge to:

  • Donate to organizations like Children Of Domestic Violence.
  • Educate myself about intervention programs across the United States and participate in support services like domestic violence shelters, community centers and children welfare organizations.


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