Tell President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria to Veto the “Jail The Gays” Bill

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Nigeria’s House of Representatives just passed one of the harshest anti-gay laws in history. Under the bill, individuals could be imprisoned ten years for simply living with someone of the same sex or supporting gay rights through pride marches. In addition, Nigerians could face fourteen years for pursuing a same-sex marriage.

Beyond condemning homosexual people, the bill also mandates individuals to tell authorities if they witness any such activities, or they could be imprisoned for up to five years.

Help curtail the abuse and discrimination homosexuals face in Nigeria by making sure this Bill isn’t signed into law. Stand with organizations like All Out and demand President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria veto this bill to protect his people’s human rights.

Photo Credit: Albert Gonzalez Farran/ Reuters

To: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Your country’s “Jail the Gays” bill directly attacks your people’s human rights. You must veto this piece of legislation right away.

If you pass this law, Nigeria will become the first country in modern history to criminalize gay people in its constitution. By violating human freedoms, this bill could be detrimental to your citizens, as well as to your international relationships. The U.S. and the U.K. have already threatened to halt all aid to Nigeria if this bill is approved.

I stand with organizations like All Out and demand that you veto this bill; recognize the fundamental rights of your citizens no matter their sexual preference.


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