When is Murder Not Murder? When the Victim is a Woman in Texas

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A woman should have the right to say ‘No’ to having sex with a man, and yet a court in Texas recently exonerated Ezekiel Gilbert for murdering an escort in a motel after she refused to have intercourse. He will not be imprisoned for this injustice, and it’s simply because she was paid $150 for the evening. According to Texas law Ezekiel is justified in his actions because individuals are within their rights “to use deadly force to recover property during nighttime theft.”

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has the opportunity to influence elected and legal officials by stating that no one can be shot for refusing to have sexual relations. We need to send a clear message to Texas and the whole country: this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

Stand with organizations like UltraViolet— make sure Ezekiel Gilbert and people like him aren’t allowed to walk away from soliciting and murdering women! 

To: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

We need to make a clear statement that individuals like Ezekiel Gilbert are not allowed to murder women who refuse to have sexual intercourse with them, regardless of the situation.

The recent decision allowing him to walk is a not only an injustice, it sets a terrible precedent and must be rectified. Tell the Ezekiel Gilbert’s of the world that no one can be shot and killed for refusing sex.


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    Nadine Selvage
    United Kingdom
    2 years ago
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    Marissa Carr
    Mastic, NY
    2 years ago
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    Karis Dodd
    Dallas, TX
    2 years ago
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    Rodney Lorenzo
    Port Chester, NY
    2 years ago
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    Jennifer Rials
    Savage, MN
    2 years ago
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    R Dailor
    2 years ago
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    Chase Staggs
    Fieldon, IL
    2 years ago
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    Portland, OR
    2 years ago
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    Eliana Torres Hernández
    2 years ago
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    Elliander Eldridge
    Alton, IL
    2 years ago
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    Bobbee Murr
    Portland, OR
    2 years ago
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    Richard Walker
    United Kingdom
    2 years ago
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    Alice Mc Gough
    Mashpee, MA
    2 years ago
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    Holden, MA
    2 years ago

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