Ask President Obama to Create A National Day of Service on Cesar Chavez’s Birthday

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The mission of Cesar Chavez Foundation is to enrich and improve the lives of farm worker and Latino families outside the work place by meeting their essential human, cultural, and community needs.

The mission of Cesar Chavez' United Farm Workers is to supply farm workers and other working people with the tools and inspiration to share in society's bounty.

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Cesar Chavez rose from grinding poverty, prejudice and abuse as a migrant farm worker to begin the first successful farm workers’ union in American history. Senator Robert F. Kennedy even called Cesar Chavez “one of the heroic figures of our time.” He led farm workers in strikes, marches and protests. Millions rallied to La Causa, the cause, by boycotting grapes and other products. He fasted for nonviolence and against toxic pesticides.

President Obama once stated, "Our world is a better place because Cesar Chavez decided to change it." Now it's time to honor Chavez's legacy.

Urge President Obama to declare a Cesar Chavez National Day of Service so Americans can honor the legacy of this civil rights and farm labor icon by engaging community service and working for nonviolent change.

For more information on the Cesar Chavez campaign, click here.

To: President Barack Obama

I’m writing you today to show my support in creating a Cesar Chavez National Day of Service. By successfully organizing the poorest of the poor, Cesar Chavez gave hope and pride to generations of Latinos. He also inspired millions of other Americans from all walks of life who never worked on a farm to strive for social justice.

I urge President Obama to declare a Cesar Chavez National Day of Service so Americans can honor the legacy of Cesar Chavez.


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    Susan Rivera
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    Mike Chapman
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