End Youth Solitary Confinement: It's Psychological Torture

End Youth Solitary Confinement: It's Psychological Torture


About the Petition

Youths in solitary confinement are sometimes denied the right to see their families or communicate with others. They suffer terrible psychological and physical effects such as hallucinations, mental outbursts and depression.

In 2011, approximately 95,000 young people were imprisoned at adult jails and penitentiaries in the United States. James Stewart, a 17-year-old from Denver, was charged as an adult and sent to an adult prison. The best protection guards found for James was solitary confinement —  it is also where he committed suicide. 

Young people under the age of 18 have different needs than adult prisoners. They are vulnerable and certain practices often stunt or damage them developmentally. Efforts must be made to ensure they receive treatment and protection.

Stand with organizations like the ACLU in demanding a ban on youth solitary confinement! 

Photo Credit: Mark Sykes/Getty Images