Ban Exotic Pets! Keep Big Cats Out of Bigger Danger

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An estimated 10,000 to 20,000 big cats, such as tigers, lions, and jaguars, are still being bred and raised by private citizens throughout the U.S. As these animals grow, their care worsens. Some owners lack the knowledge to take care of these exotic creatures, while others use the cats in illegal wildlife trade — a $20 billion international industry.

H.R. 1998, the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act, would prohibit future possession and breeding of these animals in the exotic pet industry, and it requires current owners to register their big cats with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This bill would put human and wildlife safety at the forefront and closes the book on inhumane exotic pet ownership.

Stand with Born Free USA and urge your Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 1998 today.

Photo Credit: Guillermo Ossa/Getty Images

To: U.S. House of Representatives

We, the undersigned along with Born Free USA, urge you to co-sponsor H.R. 1998, the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act. This bill forbids private owners from future possession and breeding of big cats, and it would mandate current owners to register their pets with the USDA.

We are concerned about the danger posed by private ownership and breeding of big cats. Over the past 22 years, captive big cats have been involved in the deaths of 22 humans and 165 maulings. The majority of pet owners cannot properly care for these animals, and it’s time for you to take action against this ongoing wildlife abuse.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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  • 10479
    Ray Swiatkowski
    Dallas, TX
    18 minutes ago
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    Eddie Gutierrez
    Los Banos, CA
    1 hour ago
  • 10477
    Kt Summerfeldt
    Tucson, AZ
    1 hour ago
  • 10476
    Emily Warner
    Fairfield, PA
    2 hours ago
  • 10475
    Betty Almand
    Avondale Estates, GA
    4 hours ago
  • 10474
    Dana Craig
    Norwood, MA
    5 hours ago
  • 10473
    Chad Fuqua
    Houston, TX
    7 hours ago
  • 10472
    Muriel Servaege
    11 hours ago
  • 10471
    Alicia Guevara
    12 hours ago
  • 10470
    Ellen Edelman
    Chicago, IL
    16 hours ago
  • 10469
    Lisa Du Fresne
    17 hours ago
  • 10468
    Gaetan Roche
    17 hours ago
  • 10467
    Terence Carter
    United Kingdom
    17 hours ago
  • 10466
    Virginia Utt
    Melbourne, FL
    18 hours ago

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