Bring an End to Sexual Assault in the Military

Bring an End to Sexual Assault in the Military


About the Pledge

The Pentagon recently estimated 26,000 male and female services members were sexually assaulted between 2011 and 2012, documenting a 37 percent increase from the previous year. More than ever, military training, investigation, and prosecution systems need reform. Many victims of sexual assault or harassment in the military are blamed, discredited, denied benefits, or punished for reporting the truth. Last year, 62 percent of victims who reported a sexual assault within the armed forces claimed they experienced some sort of administrative or social retaliation. This needs to stop, and their voices must be heard.

Stand with organizations such as SWAN, AAUW, and Protect Our Defenders to help bring an end to sexual assault in the military: Give victims the support they need to come forward and seek help.

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Updates & News

  • May 08 2015

    First Goal Reached!

    Thanks to all of our supporters that have helped us put an end to sexual assault in the military! Lets keep the momentum going to further ignite change!