Congress: It’s Time to Help Rape Survivors in the Military

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Military rape has victimized servicewomen for decades— over 471 rape cases were reported in 2011 alone, and the majority continue to go unreported. In addition to everything these women go through as rape survivors, if they become pregnant, their military insurance does not cover an abortion should they seek one.

The Shaheen Amendment, providing abortion coverage for rape survivors, was passed in the Senate earlier this year, but shot down by conservatives in the House of Representatives. This amendment is going to Congress again with The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

We need to stand with organizations like UltraViolet and urge our representatives in Congress to help rape survivors when they need it most.

To: Congress

Today, women in the military who are raped and become pregnant still have to pay for their abortions out of pocket— many of them cannot afford this. The Shaheen Amendment provides abortion coverage to rape survivors, allowing them to continue their military careers.

We have a chance to help servicewomen who become pregnant as a result of this traumatic act. I urge you to pass this amendment, and end this injustice rape survivors face.


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    Wilbur Franklin
    Tilden, IL
    1 year ago
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    John Tovar
    Blackhawk Village, IA
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    Rachel M Hervey Phn
    Santa Margarita, CA
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    Dorothy Mckenna
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    Cooper Hart
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    Natalie Alexander
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    Pj Ridley
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    Brenna Phipps
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    Chere High
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    Michael Henderson
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    Kate Mabry
    Grenada, MS
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    Laurry Michlin
    Dallas, TX
    1 year ago
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    Jere Wilkerson
    Cambria, CA
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    Lynn Juozilaitis
    Aurora, IL
    1 year ago

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