Book People Unite! Impoverished Youth Need Books to Succeed

About the Pledge

Remember visiting Narnia, eating Green Eggs and Ham, playing Quidditch? Books can have an incredible effect on child's life. In the United States 2 out of 3 children living in poverty have no book to call their own— you can help.

Imagine a world where all children have the books and literacy support they need to write their best life story. Where a greater number of students earn diplomas. Where our workforce is larger, smarter and more innovative. Where all communities are thriving.

In one study of low-income neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area, there was only 1 book for every 300 children. Book access is a real issue that has real-life ramifications:

  • 33% of 4th graders cannot read at the basic level

  • 1 out of 7,000 students drop out of high school every school day

  • 1 out of 40 million adults cannot read

There are 16 million children living in poverty in this country. That means millions of children are growing up without one of the most essential tools for learning and growing.

Imagine putting literacy first.

A literate America is a drastically different America than the one we see today, and by simply focusing on it we would see dramatic improvements in all of the other issues. It all starts with a book.

Empowered byReading Is Fundamental

Our vision is a literate America in which all children have access to books and discover the joys and value of reading.