Demand Action for Abducted Schoolgirls

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In recent months, attacks on students in Nigeria, especially girls, have increased. Without the promise of safety, many students may avoid attending school, exacerbating inequality and forming what Nigerian youth education advocate Ojonwa Miachi calls a “foundation for more conflict and violence.”

Enter your information to sign Miachi’s petition to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the Inspector General of the Nigeria National Police demanding action to keep Nigerian girls safe in school.

Photo Credit: Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters

Photo Credit: Women react during a protest demanding security forces to search harder for 200 schoolgirls abducted by Islamist militants two weeks ago, outside Nigeria's parliament in Abuja April 30, 2014. Scores of suspected Boko Haram gunmen stormed an all-girls secondary school in the village of Chibok, in Borno state, on April 14, packing the teenagers onto trucks and disappearing into a remote, hilly area along the Cameroon border.

To: Inspector General, Nigeria National Police, Secretary of State John Kerry

We stand together as concerned people demanding that girls be protected at all costs when in school. We ask Secretary Kerry to level pressure on the Nigeria National Police and other security agencies to ensure that the protection of schools is a top priority: This will help make certain that no child is left behind, especially girls in conflict-affected areas such as northeast Nigeria.

We therefore urge you to do everything you can to ensure that Nigerian officials:

  • Guarantee that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to justice in line with national and international laws and practices relating to terrorism;
  • Put measures in place to confirm the protection of girls and boys in schools in northeast Nigeria and other conflict-prone areas in the country;
  • Work with other security agencies, education management institutions, and community stakeholders to design and implement a security and antiterrorism plan that will make sure that learning is done in the most secure environment;
  • Cooperate with national and international bodies, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and other non-state actors to arrest the spate of insurgencies in the northeast through intelligence gathering, security and antiterrorism infrastructure, and training.


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