Don't Let Big Oil Threaten the Last Florida Panthers!

Don't Let Big Oil Threaten the Last Florida Panthers!


About the Petition

The biologists found the little panther cub in the Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge—alone and shivering, weighing barely a pound. The little guy never should have survived, but his will to live was strong. He made a miraculous comeback at Tampa's zoo and is now back to his feisty self!

Down to a population of barely 100, these majestic felines cannot take another blow from Big Oil, and they won't survive without your help.

Big Oil is planning to drill next door to the very refuge where this cub was found—and only 1,000 feet from the nearest house. The state gave the permits without so much as an environmental study, but the EPA still has to weigh in, so we have time to raise our voices and stop this tragedy.

Tell the EPA now: Endangered species and clean water matter more than Big Oil's profits!

Photo Credit: My FWC Media

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