Don't Buy the Ticket! Whales & Dolphins Shouldn't Be in Captivity

About the Pledge

It’s hard to imagine that the dolphin doing flips at SeaWorld is in pain but in reality, these animals are suffering. The whales and dolphins you see at these water parks are often violently captured in the wild, separated from their families, and forced to perform for crowds thousands of miles away.

Whales and dolphins are highly intelligent animals who suffer acute sensory deprivation when they’re confined. While in captivity, they experience numerous physical and psychological problems that they wouldn’t otherwise in the wild.

These sensitive, majestic animals deserve to be treated with respect, not confined to excruciatingly small spaces and forced to perform tricks. Organizations like Save Japan Dolphins are fighting to make sure that these animals are no longer held in captivity. You can help their work by voting with your wallet and refusing to support the confinement of whales and dolphins.

I pledge not to buy a ticket to water parks where whales and dolphins are held in captivity for profit. My money will not be used to confine animals that should be in the wild.

In addition, I pledge to support organizations like Save Japan Dolphins, who are advocating on behalf of these vulnerable and highly intelligent animals.

Action Updates


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    Nikki Morrow
    Killeen, TX
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    Thomas Fusco
    Brunswick, ME
    5 minutes ago
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    Jerome Sheitelman
    Basking Ridge, NJ
    27 minutes ago
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    Jerome Sheitelman
    Basking Ridge, NJ
    28 minutes ago
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    Lilian Pestana
    29 minutes ago
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    Kenji Togo
    1 hour ago
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    Kenji Togo
    1 hour ago
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    Kenji Togo
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    Michael Mc Cartin
    Fort Wayne, IN
    1 hour ago
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    Heather S
    Winter Springs, FL
    2 hours ago
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    E N
    West Sayville, NY
    2 hours ago
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    Kathrena Vega
    Carlsbad, CA
    2 hours ago
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    Joyce Byram
    Winter Springs, FL
    2 hours ago
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    Krystal Blowman
    United Kingdom
    3 hours ago

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