Tell Congress: Stop Supporting International Human Trafficking!

Tell Congress: Stop Supporting International Human Trafficking!


About the Petition

In 2011, The New Yorker reported the stories of thousands of laborers in Afghanistan and Iraq living in conditions resembling indentured servitude. These individuals followed offers by U.S. contractors and subcontractors and ended up working in terrible conditions. They were often not able to return home for months and their passports were confiscated.

The Commission on Wartime contracting has uncovered evidence of these human trafficking incidents. They determined that their findings "only scratched the surface" of the problem.

Current enforcement measures in place simply do not do enough to fight these cases. President Obama has worked to raise awareness, punish violators, and protect victims, but he can't do it alone.

Stand with the Project On Government Oversight and tell Congress international human trafficking is not tolerated.

Photo: Theresa Kerketa, 45 year old, returns home to India after being a victim of human trafficking. (Credit: Mansi Thapliyal/Reuters)