Eliminate Racial Profiling By Law Enforcement

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George Zimmerman's recent acquittal of Trayvon Martin's death has caused many to examine racial prejudice in our legal system. Profiling is still exercised by police, leading to wrongful arrests and mistreatment.

Racial and religious discrimination runs rampant in our justice system — people can be charged with a DUI based on skin color, and Muslims still face persecution after 9/11. We need stronger protection against this level of profiling.

The End Racial Profiling Act — a bill currently in committee through Congress — seeks to make racial profiling illegal and trains officers to put aside race and religion in their jobs.

Now is the time for us to move closer to a country without prejudice. Follow ACLU and urge Congress to pass the End Racial Profiling Act.

Photo Credit: Keith Bedford/Reuters

To: U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

You need to pass the End Racial Profiling Act so that we can trust our own law enforcement to not discriminate.

The recent outcome of George Zimmerman’s case sheds new light on racial prejudice in our justice system, and we need to enact comprehensive legislation to stop police from bending the law based on the color of a person’s skin.

The End Racial Profiling Act effectively prohibits racial profiling among law enforcement officials and trains officers to act based on behaviors instead of race and religion. This means a more educated, tolerant police force. In this, we will feel safer.

We shouldn’t wait for another Trayvon Martin to die before we change how race and religion are perceived. I stand with ACLU and ask you to pass the End Racial Profiling Act.


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    David Randall
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