Embrace Empathy! Stop Stigmatizing Mental Disorders

About the Pledge

One in four U.S. adults has a mental illness, and the stigmas associated with these disorders makes their lives harder still. Stand with Bring Change 2 Mind and support millions who suffer every day.

Many Americans are diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia; five percent have serious conditions that interfere with their day-to-day lives. But only 60 percent seek treatment in any given year, meaning millions remain undiagnosed. Topics like depression can be taboo, and sometimes cause individuals to avoid asking for help. Results for suppressing mental illnesses are severe; over 90 percent of people who commit suicide have an identifiable disorder.

By creating a more open and hospitable environment for discussing mental illness, millions of Americans can have the courage to improve their lives.

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I support Bring Change 2 Mind and pledge to stand against the stigmas associated with mental illness. Some actions I can take include:

  • Learn more about the warning signs of disorders and suicide.
  • Engage with friends and family who show signs of mental illnesses to remove the stigma behind disorders.
  • Share your experience with mental disorders with Bring Change 2 Mind.
  • Support organizations like Bring Change 2 Mind through financial donations.

If I live with a disorder, I will:

  • Be open with my friends and family, and I won’t let shame prevent me from seeking treatment.
  • Reach out for help and treatment for my illnesses.
  • Seek advice from resources like Bring Change 2 Mind.


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