End ‘Corrective Rape’ in South Africa

End ‘Corrective Rape’ in South Africa


About the Petition

Zukiswa Gaca, an openly lesbian South African woman, attempted to commit suicide by laying down on train tracks after she was raped for the second time. She was a victim of 'corrective rape'—also known as 'curative rape'—and struggled with sexual discrimination her entire life. 

In South Africa, lesbians are in constant fear of assault. It’s suspected that at least ten are raped every week in Cape Town alone. They are being attacked—not only by strangers, but by family members, friends and neighbors. Thirty-one lesbians have been murdered since 1998, and yet there have only been two convictions. Many victims of 'corrective rape' are too ashamed and afraid to file a police report or tell anyone. 

This intolerant aggression and brutality towards lesbians in South Africa must end. Now is the time for the government to take a stand and ensure the basic human rights of their homosexual community. Stand with Avaaz and demand the South African government take necessary steps to address the issue of 'corrective rape'. Tell President Zuma of South Africa and Minister of Justice Radebe to protect their citizens—no matter their sexual orientation or gender.

Photo Credit: James Akena/Reuters