FDA: Remove Carrageenan From Our Food

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Carrageenan, a popular food additive, is found in a variety of foods, including some labeled “natural” and “organic”. The toxin is most commonly used in dairy products like whipped cream, ice cream, nonfat sour cream, soymilk, coconut milk and even infant formula.

A team of scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medial School published scientific studies on the harmful health effects of Carrageenan on human cells. Funded by the National Institutes of Health and led by Dr. Tobacman, they found the additive can cause colitis-disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal inflammation and even colon cancer.

Companies like Organic Valley, Eden Foods and Stonyfield have removed or are in the process of removing carrageenan from their products. Stand with the Cornucopia Institute and tell the FDA to remove carrageenan from food.

Photo Credit: mikebaird/ Flickr

To: FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg

The FDA has a responsibility to protect the general public by monitoring our food supply. Studies by scientists like Dr. Tobacman at the University of Illinois at Chicago believe the FDA should review Carrageenan. It could cause colitis-disease, gastrointestinal inflammation and even colon cancer. 

If this food additive is harmful, as many studies have proven it to be, it must be banned immediately. I stand with the Cornucopia Institute in urging the FDA to remove carrageenan from our food supply.


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