Fight Back Against Climate-Destroying Carbon Pollution

Fight Back Against Climate-Destroying Carbon Pollution

About the Petition

We've known for decades that carbon wrecks our health and our climate, and power plants are one of our nation's top sources. Their pollution fuels climate disruption—it makes wildfires burn hotter and droughts last longer. Warm summer weekends become scorching heat waves, and floods become disasters. Unlimited carbon pollution means more smog, more asthma attacks, and more climate disruption.  

And there's literally no limit to how much carbon polluters are allowed to dump into our air.  

The EPA is getting ready to finalize the first-ever protections against carbon pollution from new power plants, and you can make sure these new safeguards get across the finish line.  

Join the 3.2 million voices that have already asked the EPA to protect our communities from carbon pollution.

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Updates & News

  • Feb 17 2016

    We did it!

    Thank you for helping us reach 30,000 supporters! We've now upped our goal to 60,000 signatures! Let's keep the momentum going to urge the EPA to cut down on carbon pollution