Grey Wolves Should be Protected, Not Hunted!

Grey Wolves Should be Protected, Not Hunted!


About the Petition

Over the past two decades, the federal government has worked to protect and promote the grey wolf in the American West, bringing them back from the brink of extinction. Officially off the endangered species list in 2009, grey wolves are threatened again.

A new law in Wyoming law would allow hunters to kill wolves anywhere outside of Yellowstone National Park. Already, dozens of wolves have been shot since October 2012.

An apex predator, wolves are great for their ecosystem’s biodiversity. A study following wolves in Yellowstone Park, showed that they increased the biodiversity of the park by curbing elk populations and allowing more vegetation to grow.

Organizations like the Defenders of Wildlife and Earthjustice are petitioning Governor Mead to put in place policies that protect wolves, instead of killing them. If you support their work, sign this petition to stop the slaughter of wolves in Wyoming.

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