Help People with Disabilities Integrate into the Community

About the Pledge

Individuals with certain physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities should have the same legal abilities as other citizens. Stand with organizations like The Arc to make sure people with disabilities are given equal rights to choose how they live their lives.

Transportation, healthcare, education and employment should be readily available for people with disabilities. They should be recognized as positive members of the community, entitled to respect, security and participation rights.

Institutionalization is not the answer. People with disabilities will have a better quality of life, if they’re given the opportunity to choose their own home and integrate into the social sphere of society comfortably. 

Photo Credit: Carlos Jasso/Reuters

I pledge to learn more about disabilities through The Arc, and spread awareness on the detrimental impacts that institutionalization has on disabled individuals.

I pledge to:

  • Eliminate hate speech towards people with disabilities.  
  • Treat all people with respect.     
  • Become a member of The Arc. I can help protect the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities!


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