Israel: Let Palestinians Seek a Higher Education

Israel: Let Palestinians Seek a Higher Education


About the Petition

Over 1.6 million Palestinians are being held in the Gaza Strip under an Israeli blockade in response to several attacks six years ago. Nearly 65% of Gaza’s population is under the age of 25, although many would like to emigrate or study abroad, they’re currently restricted.

Gaza students are considered ‘potential threats’ by Israel, and if the blockade continues the next generation will be less educated and have less professional expertise. In addition to stunting the intellectual growth of future generations, the blockade has caused widespread poverty, power shortages, as well as nearly 50% unemployment.

Stand with organizations like Amnesty International: urge the Israeli government to lift the blockade and help Palestinian students gain access to education.

Photo Credit: Nikola Solic/Reuters

Photo Caption: A student holds a placard during a protest at Hebrew University in Jerusalem against Israel's offensive in Gaza December 29, 2008.