Don't Waste Our Oceans

About the Pledge

A tin can tossed into the ocean in 1986 will still be decomposing in 2036, and a glass bottle will be there until the year 1,001,986. The oceans cannot handle our garbage — it’s up to us to keep the trash out of our waters. Support The Marine Mammal Center: protect our oceans and sea life.

Oceans are seeing the aftermath of careless waste: Alaskan shorelines have become a garbage dump, trash clogs every wave on the Indonesian coast, and human debris collected in a nearly uninhabited part of Hawaii could fill an 18-wheeler. Beyond the aesthetics, garbage kills many sea creatures simply caught in the waste; while endangered sea turtles and other marine life are hurt and dying from consuming plastics.

All it takes to start curbing this destruction is a little more care and effort toward where your garbage ends up.

Photo: An island made of accumulated garbage off the coast of Indonesia. (Credit: Enny Nuraheni)

I support The Marine Mammal Center and pledge to stop trashing our oceans. Steps I can take are:

  • Refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever I can.
  • Manage garbage in the correct fashion, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Adopt-A-Seal from The Marine Mammal Center, which will provide fish and medicine for current and future sick seals that may be caught in our garbage.
  • Find a local trash clean up through Ocean Conservancy.
  • Volunteer or contribute financially to The marine Mammal Center.

Action Updates

  • 20 January 2015

    We did it!

    We reached our goal of 15,000 signatures! Let's keep the momentum going.


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    Rebecca Bradley
    Marion, NC
    13 minutes ago
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    Lynn Ann Persampieri
    Colchester, CT
    4 hours ago
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    Lindsay Richardson
    Redondo Beach, CA
    4 hours ago
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    Lindsay Gunn Ouellette
    9 hours ago
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    Linda Wheeldon
    9 hours ago
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    Hollie Thubron
    United Kingdom
    17 hours ago
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    Kelly Askenase
    Monroeville, PA
    23 hours ago
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    Rebecca Runberg
    1 day ago
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    2 days ago
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    María Varela
    2 days ago
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    Heather Mc Hugh
    Oakland, CA
    2 days ago
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    Marianne Hernandez Rutka
    San Diego, CA
    2 days ago
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    Joachim Ruether
    2 days ago
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    Voets Florette
    2 days ago

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