Urge the United Nations to Put Animals on the Global Agenda

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World Animal Protection exists to tackle animal cruelty across the globe. We work directly with animals and with the people and organisations that can ensure animals are treated with respect and compassion.

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Millions of people rely on animals for survival and companionship. Scientists and animal behavior experts agree that animals experience pain and suffering. Despite this, they are not yet protected worldwide.

The future of animal welfare lies in the world recognizing that animals matter.

A United Nations World Animal Day is an opportunity to get animal protection onto the agenda of all 193 member states and celebrate the intrinsic relationship that exists between animals and humans worldwide. Sign on to urge the U.N. to take action, and together we can get animal protection onto the global agenda.

To: The United Nations

I believe that animals have a right to live free of suffering and cruelty and that we as humans have a duty to protect them. 

Helping animals also helps people. We can’t look at the problems facing humanity today—such as food security, livelihoods, and climate—in isolation. Animals must be a part of the answer. 

The United Nations has the power to make animal protection a global issue for all 193 member states.  

I strongly urge you to enact a United Nations World Animal Day, globally recognizing that animal protection matters and that governments must make and enforce laws that benefit animals—as well as people and our environment.  

I stand with the World Animal Protection in calling for greater recognition of animal welfare at a global level. I urge you to take action immediately. Now is the time for worldwide animal protection.  


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  • 23433
    Mary Brannin
    Missoula, MT
    8 minutes ago
  • 23432
    Janice Sprow
    Shepherdsville, KY
    9 minutes ago
  • 23431
    Paul Martin
    Danvers, MA
    11 minutes ago
  • 23430
    Aimee Miller
    Las Vegas, NV
    13 minutes ago
  • 23429
    Marybeth Mikalsen
    Ronkonkoma, NY
    19 minutes ago
  • 23428
    Michael Smith
    Marietta, GA
    34 minutes ago
  • 23427
    Nick Chatfield
    United Kingdom
    41 minutes ago
  • 23426
    Donald Edwards
    Elkview, WV
    47 minutes ago
  • 23425
    Lester Shugars
    South Point, OH
    1 hour ago
  • 23424
    Randi Holt
    Palatine, IL
    1 hour ago
  • 23423
    Esther Younassoghlou
    Saint Cloud, FL
    1 hour ago
  • 23422
    Keith Ellis
    Crockett, CA
    1 hour ago
  • 23421
    Cecilia Brannon
    Dayton, TX
    1 hour ago
  • 23420
    Laura Matturro
    Smithtown, NY
    1 hour ago

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