New York: Pass the Fracking Moratorium!

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In March 2013, the New York Assembly approved a two-year hydrofracking moratorium. They believe that the health effects of hydrofracking should be studied before Governor Andrew Cuomo can approve moving forward with fracking in the state.

A Global Community Monitor report in New Mexico and Colorado took nine air samples near fracking wells and found 22 toxic chemicals at elevated levels, including four known carcinogens and chemicals known to damage the nervous and respiratory systems. Moving forward without further study could pose a serious and direct threat to the public health and the future well being of New York families.

Now is your chance to support this groundbreaking legislation. Voice your support to protect the health of future generations.

Tell Governor Cuomo: Pass the fracking moratorium!

To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

I am writing to you to strongly urge you to protect the health of millions of New Yorkers and future generations by supporting the two-year moratorium on fracking in New York State.

Last week, the New York Assembly approved a two-year hydrofracking moratorium. I applaud these Assembly members for voicing their concern that they believe more study is necessary before moving forward with hydraulic fracturing in New York State. The two-year moratorium in New York would allow for more time to investigate health and environmental consequences associated with hydraulic fracturing.

We need you to jump on board to support this groundbreaking legislation. Moving forward without proper evaluation is a direct threat to public health and the future well-being of our families and children. Permitting hydraulic fracturing to go forward without the science could cause millions of people to be exposed to dangerous toxins, and many may suffer severe health problems as a result. We are looking to you to protect our health now and for our future generations.

No future regulations should go through without a thorough understanding of the health impacts.


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