Safeguard Our Seawater From Ocean Acidification

Safeguard Our Seawater From Ocean Acidification


About the Petition

Every hour, one ton of carbon dioxide seeps into the ocean from surrounding factories, power plants, cars, and other human sources. Ocean acidification is threatening the lives of sea animals, as well as coastal communities. This invisible pollution could also threaten food security for millions of people by changing commercial seafood supplies. Shell-forming animals like crabs, oysters and urchins are most directly affected since acidification deprives seawater of the compounds needed to calcify organisms to build shells and skeletons. Through the Clean Water Act, the EPA and President Obama could improve water-quality standards and implement strict pH monitoring.  

Stand with organizations like the Center for Biological Diversity and urge President Obama and the EPA to use the Clean Water Act to address the harmful impacts of ocean acidification.

Photo Credit: narvikk/Getty Images