Stop Evictions! People Deserve Affordable and Secure Housing

About the Pledge

Today, nearly 10 million U.S. homeowners are in jeopardy of foreclosing on their residences, while 11 million tenants pay more than 50% of their income every month. Many end up living in subsidized or cooperative housing; some even fall into homelessness. Stand with organizations like Right to The City in advocating for affordable housing options.

America needs to focus more on rent stabilization, rehabilitating foreclosed homes, and public housing options. Housing cooperatives, owned by associations or corporations, provide residences at a lower than market rate. Another practice, known as urban homesteading, has helped families find semi-permanent housing in abandoned or partially-occupied buildings.

Low-income neighborhoods have been affected the hardest by the ongoing crisis. Adequate housing is necessary to climbing out of poverty. Everyone has the right to a safe and secure place to call home. 


Photo Credit: Mike Segar/Reuters

I pledge to stand with organizations like Right to The City and advocate for affordable housing across the U.S.  

I pledge to:


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