Plant a Tree and Help Curb Climate Change!

About the Pledge

Planting trees around your home, in your community and in national forests can help fight climate change! Through photosynthesis, trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide and other toxic pollutants, while releasing pure oxygen back into the atmosphere. Stand with organizations like Project GreenHands and commit to planting a tree.

Every year, an acre of mature trees can absorb the amount of carbon dioxide produced when driving your car around for 26,000 miles. Planting trees can reduce soil erosion and air pollution, increase soil fertility and water retention capacity — they even cool cities by up to 10%. In fact, homeowners can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50% by planting trees on their property.

Combat the greenhouse effect and conserve energy by planting trees in your community and national parks. 

Photo Credit: AE Pictures Inc./Getty Images

I pledge to stand with Project GreenHands and commit to planting trees!

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