Stay Healthy! Pledge To Get a Flu Shot

About the Pledge

Despite persistent misconceptions among the uninformed, the Centers for Disease Control, the Mayo Clinic, and public health departments across the country all agree that getting a flu shot each year is perfectly safe and remains the best way to protect yourself from seasonal influenza.

Among the vaccine concerns that have been thoroughly debunked:

  • "The flu shot gave me the flu!" -- Experts say this is impossible, and that individuals expressing any flu-like symptoms likely caught another virus or the common cold within a short time of getting the shot.
  • "The flu vaccine isn't effective." -- Each year, the vaccine is matched up, as best as possible, to the influenza viruses that experts predict will be most common during the coming flu season. No vaccine is 100% effective, but it's far more effective than doing nothing at all.
  • "I'm allergic to eggs, so the vaccine will give me a bad reaction." -- Probably not. Most flu vaccines contain only trace amounts of egg protein, making them safe for most people.

No more excuses, everyone. Take the pledge below and get your flu shot.

And watch this video for some fancy information about viruses and how to avoid getting sick altogether:

I pledge to take the advice of the Centers for Disease Control, the Mayo Clinic, and other public health departments by getting a flu shot this year, and before each flu season in the future. It's the best way to protect myself and my family from influenza.

If I'm feeling particularly helpful, I'll sign up to tell Flu Near You how I'm feeling, and help them track this year's flu season.

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