4 Simple Ways to Prepare for a Flood

4 Simple Ways to Prepare for a Flood


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Floods impact people all over the United States. They can occur from excessive rainfall, snowmelt, levee or dam failure. Below are some simple steps to prepare for floods before they happen.

Between 1980-2008, an average of 6,753 people were killed each year as a result of floods. Almost three million people were affected in one way or another through physical harm or economic damage. Hurricanes can generate intensive rainfall, flooding, high winds and flying debris. They’re extremely dangerous and it’s important to be prepared — before, during and after the event.  

During a flood or flashflood, you must listen to your radio and television for up-to-date information. In addition, if asked to evacuate, driving in floods can be hazardous — a foot of water will have the ability to float cars. There are simple tactics you can take to ensure that your properties are secured and that you and your family stay safe during floods.

Photo Credit: Bill Waugh/Reuters