Save the Future of Space Exploration

Save the Future of Space Exploration

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NASA’s Planetary Science Division is responsible for carrying out missions, studying the origins of asteroids, and how they relate to planetary formations and structures. Current plans include a mission to explore the subsurface ocean of Europa and a venture to fly past Pluto in 2015; these missions could lead to discoveries of water sources and space organics.

However, if Congress is successful in dramatically slashing the division’s budget by nearly $200 million, these missions could be suspended. Stand with organizations like The Planetary Society and demand that Congress protect the Planetary Science Division of NASA.

Photo Credit: NASA/Reuters

Updates & News

  • Oct 17 2013

    NASA’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2014

    NASA’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2014, “fully funds the James Webb Space Telescope, a 100-times more capable successor to the Hubble Telescope, to keep it on track for launch in 2018. Within the current constrained funding environment, the Budget funds high- priority planetary science missions, including a robotic sample return mission from an asteroid, and multiple missions focused on Mars exploration, including a new large rover to be launched in 2020.” source: