Protect Ocelots and Jaguars From Open-Pit Mining

Protect Ocelots and Jaguars From Open-Pit Mining


About the Petition

Deep in one of the beautiful and diverse sky island mountain ranges of southeastern Arizona, a rare ocelot has been photographed by remote sensor cameras in the same area where the only known jaguar in the United States has been living for almost two years.

These stunning, secretive cats are native to the region but were wiped out in the past century. Now protected under the Endangered Species Act, they're making a courageous comeback in Arizona, but they need your help if they're to overcome a new threat to their existence.

A massive, open-pit copper mine is proposed in the heart of the cats' home ranges in the Santa Rita Mountains.

The proposed Rosemont Mine would destroy thousands of acres of public land that provide prime habitat for these species; it would sever a critically important movement corridor that is essential to their recovery.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering the effects of the proposed mine on these cats and several other endangered species in the area. Please take action to stop this misguided project from dooming these rare cats to disappearing from the United States again!

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