Protect Our Pork! Keep Harmful Stimulants Out Of Our Food

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Ractopamine — a growth stimulant used in pork products — causes health concerns for animals and humans, including high heart rates and cardiac episodes. The pork industry has suffered from reduced international exports due to their continued use of the substance, and the growth stimulant also harms the environment, as more feed is required for the same amount of meat.

However, ractopamine is still present in 60-80% of U.S. pork products. Producers have made commitments to lower their ractopamine levels, and some companies don’t serve pork treated with the additive. But, until the largest pork producers take a united stance against the substance, Americans won’t know for sure what’s in their food.

Stand with The Animal Legal Defense Fund and tell the pork industry to stop using ractopamine.

Photo Credit: Nguyen Huy Kham/Reuters

To: U.S. Pork Producers

Ractopamine causes health problems for livestock and humans. You need to protect your consumers by eliminating the substance from your products.

Average doses of ractopamine administered to healthy humans resulted in faster heart rates and adverse cardiac events. The feed additive, which is meant to enhance development and leanness, also triggers higher heart rates, broken limbs, and death among treated animals.

Russia, China and the European Union prohibit or limit the use of ractopamine in their food. Some pork producers already operate 100% ractopamine-free production plants for international export. Your U.S. customers should expect the same.

I stand with The Animal Legal Defense Fund and urge you to remove ractopamine from your pork.


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