End The Abuse. Schools Need Federal Anti-Bullying Laws.

End The Abuse. Schools Need Federal Anti-Bullying Laws.


About the Petition

Bullying policies in schools across America must be reformed. Over two-thirds of students believe that bullying policies are severely inadequate, and teachers only intervene four percent of the time. Students facing abuse based on sexual orientation or gender identity aren’t even protected by basic state laws.

The Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA) — bipartisan legislation in committee at Congress — fights bullying on a federal level. By developing comprehensive anti-bullying policies, teachers will be more proactive in stopping harassment before it starts. Schools will regularly report incidents back to state departments to evolve how teachers and students handle the issue.

All students should feel secure at school. Stand with GLSEN and urge Congress to pass SSIA.

Photo Credit: Cat London/ Getty Images