Protect Peru’s Uncontacted Tribes from Logging and Invasion

About the Petition

Survival International estimates there are 15 uncontacted tribes in Peru. All of them live in the most remote, isolated regions of the Amazon rainforest.

They face terrible threats – to their land, livelihoods and, ultimately, their lives. If nothing is done, they are likely to disappear entirely.

Uncontacted tribes are extremely vulnerable to any form of contact with outsiders because they do not have immunity to Western diseases.

International law recognizes the Indians’ land as theirs, just as it recognizes their right to live on it as they see fit.

That law is not being respected by the Peruvian government or the loggers who are invading tribal land.

Survival is urging the Peruvian government to protect these isolated Indians by not allowing any oil exploration, logging or other form of natural resource extraction on their land.

The government must recognize the Indians as the owners of their land.

Please help us fight for the rights of the world’s most vulnerable peoples and sign the petition to Peru's president to protect the uncontacted tribes.

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