Protect the Grand Canyon From Destructive Developments

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About the Petition

Most of us think that the Grand Canyon is sacred and outside the realm of destructive development. But that is not true. The New York Times spotlighted major developments that would devastate the canyon's wild nature, beauty, and overall health.

Here’s our chance to reaffirm our commitment to wilderness and to the Grand Canyon. American Rivers is working with local partners to save this special place.

To: Grand Canyon National Park

Let's keep the Grand Canyon wild. The Grand Canyon is under threat of an unprecedented level of development. I'm voicing my concern over the latest proposed projects, including

—a gondola tramway into the Grand Canyon;

—new water wells into aquifers that supply springs in the Grand Canyon;

—all uranium mining in Grand Canyon watersheds; and—all other uses that threaten the integrity of Grand Canyon National Park.


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Action Updates

  • 07 May 2015

    10,000 supporters secured! Lets triple our goal!

    Thanks to all of our supporters! Lets continue the momentum and reach 30,000 signatures by sharing this action with family and friends!

  • 09 June 2015

    Important Update!

    The proposed tram and massive construction project that were proposed in the Grand Canyon have been dealt a serious blow. Incoming Navajo President and Vice President have made strong public statements opposing the misguided Escalade project in the heart of the canyon. This is big news! But the threats to the Grand Canyon continue. Outside the National Park, developers proposed a dramatic expansion of the town of Tusayan on the canyon’s South Rim. This expansion could add thousands of new homes and retail stores. But the question is: how will they secure water to support the expansion? If the Tusayan developers tap the groundwater that feeds the canyon’s seeps, springs, and waterfalls, it would threaten rare ecological treasures in the heart of the desert. Please sign the petition to tell the Department of the Interior to safeguard the groundwater resources that directly impact the Grand Canyon.

  • 07 March 2016

    Impact Update

    Good news! The U.S. Forest Service recently denied a request by the town of Tusayan, Arizona to develop numerous hotels, a spa, dude ranch, and more than 2,200 homes alongside the Grand Canyon. This major development project would have threatened the springs and groundwater that feed directly into the Colorado River.


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