Put an End to Namibian Seal Clubbing

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Each year beginning July 1, a quota of 80,000 Cape fur seal pups are set to be beaten to death in Namibia. The pups are separated from their mothers. They are herded away from the safety of the sea, then beaten to death with pick handles. They are stabbed in the throat, often while still alive.

We can beat this cruelty.

A further quota of 6,000 adult bull seals will be set in Namibia. These are to be shot at point-blank range so that their genitals can be exported to the East, where they will be used to make ineffective sex potions for the Asian market. You can help put an end to this! 

To: The Hon. Bernhard Esau, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia

With Namibia facing mounting public outcry and increasing consumer boycotts, we the undersigned are urging the Hon. Minister Bernhard Esau to immediately end the annual bloodbath, protect the seals with effective new legislation, and allow all Namibians to benefit from this magnificent tourist draw card.


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Action Updates

  • 19 October 2014

    We did it!

    Thank you for helping us reach 10,000 supporters! Let's keep the momentum going to help put an end to seal clubbing in Namibia!

  • 01 April 2015

    We hit 80,000 signatures!

    Thank you for helping us reach 80,000 supporters! Let's keep the momentum going to help put an end to seal clubbing in Namibia! Help us get to 100,000!


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