Put An End to Stereotypes

About the Pledge

Stereotypes have the power to divide people and project harmful expectations on individuals based on their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance or religion. Stand with organizations like The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance and stop playing into negative stereotypes!  

When building communities based on equality and respect, prejudging and misjudging can be divisive. People are often stereotyped by what they wear and how they look; these misperceptions can lead to hate crimes, prejudice, and bullying. 

Oftentimes stereotypes form deep in one's sub-conscious from societal influences. Snap judgments or first impressions occur without someone even being aware. Now is the time to be cognizant of your thoughts and perceptions before they become judgments and actions.

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I support organizations like The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance.

I pledge to:  


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    Amylyn Unelli
    1 day ago
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    Janiece Staton
    1 day ago
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    Tania Lobo
    1 day ago
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    Irene Muñoz Martínez
    2 days ago
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    Cody Severance
    3 days ago
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    Olivia Ver Beek
    4 days ago
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    Mary Peiffer
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    Mary Mcgee
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    Honey Mc Garry
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    Alejandro Ceruelo Delgado
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    Edward/Gail Laurson
    4 days ago
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    Karen Spradlin
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    Allie Pappano
    4 days ago
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    Marthese Cassar
    4 days ago

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