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About the Pledge

When you open that can of tuna or order those fish sticks, do you know what you're getting? Unfortunately for most Americans, seafood is as mysterious as the beef and pork we so often find on our tables. Despite high mercury levels in farmed fish and practices that are harmful to the environment, there are ways to eat seafood sustainably, and on a budget.

This starts with knowing where your seafood is coming from. Local fish are almost always healthier and more environmentally-sound than fish that have been caught overseas, frozen and transported to the United States. Whenever possible, purchase seafood labeled by the Marine Stewardship Council, which certifies that it's sustainable and safe for the environment.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a comprehensive analysis of what consumers and businesses can do to replenish depleting fish populations and provide high-quality seafood for individuals around the world.

Take the pledge below to educate yourself about sustainable seafood and make smart food choices.

I pledge to take the following steps to learn about sustainable seafood, and to make smart, healthy choices for my own diet:

  1. Follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium's guidelines for selecting and consuming seafood products.
  2. Learn from the NRDC's Sustainable Seafood Guide to know how to shop for fish and understand the difference between farmed and wild catches.
  3. Look for the Seafood For The Future logo at restaurants to ensure that your meal has been sourced sustainably.
  4. If you're a business owner or restauranteur looking to source sustainable seafood, connect with suppliers through
  5. Browse through TakePart's list of Tastemakers, 100 food-focused businesses dedicated to local, sustainable, organic, humane and unprocessed foods.

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