Save the Lives of One Million Newborns Around the World

Save the Lives of One Million Newborns Around the World


About the Petition

One million babies die each year on the day they’re born. This staggering statistic can be prevented by providing treatment for clean umbilical cord care, injectable antibiotics to treat infections and resuscitation devices to help babies breath when they’re born with respiratory problems. By funding the Maternal And Children Health and Nutrition accounts in the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill for 2014, the U.S. will also support the Global Alliance for Vaccinations Initiative (GAVI) and child nutrition programs around the world.

More than 70% of child deaths every year are attributed to diarrhea, neonatal infection, pneumonia, malaria, premature delivery or lack of oxygen at birth. All of these health complications can be prevented with proper medical care and attention. Countries need resources to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies; they need improved water and sanitation infrastructure.  

Stand with organizations like Save the Children in advocating for the funding of MCH accounts to support children across the globe!

Photo Credit: David Mdzinanshvili/Reuters