Save Orcas From Performing at California Marine Parks

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Despite a rise in popular sentiment against marine mammal parks, these parks are still legally allowed to use wild-caught or captive-bred orcas for performance and entertainment purposes.  

But in California, Assemblyman Richard Bloom is proposing a bill to end this alleged abuse.

The law, if enacted, would prohibit routinely scheduled public exhibition and any choreographed display or training of orcas, as well as any unprotected contact between humans and orcas.

The legislation would also outlaw the capturing of wild orcas, as well as the breeding or impregnating of those in captivity. Any institution or person in violation of this law would be fined a substantial amount or imprisoned.

Orcas that have been held for rehabilitation, saved from stranding, or used for research purposes are exempt. If and when it is determined that they are healthy, they will be returned to the wild. In cases where that is not possible they will be held in sea pens open to the public but not used for entertainment purposes.

Assemblyman Bloom is proposing groundbreaking legislation. Send a message of support to let him know you stand with this new law.

Photo Credit: Reuters Photographer/Reuters

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