Save the Chesapeake Bay From Toxic Pollution!

Save the Chesapeake Bay From Toxic Pollution!


About the Petition

The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure, but it's also in big trouble—the bay has been polluted for decades. It's now unsafe to swim most of the year, and wildlife numbers have dropped dramatically.

The EPA and seven bay-area states have come up with a great clean water plan that drastically reduces the pollution; it’s called the Chesapeake Clean Water Initiative. But Big Ag and several states nowhere near the bay, including Texas and Alaska, are suing to stop them!

They're citing "states' rights," but states such as Maryland and Virginia helped create the plan, so you know this lawsuit is just about letting the polluters continue to pollute. We don't have to stand for this—the Chesapeake's wildlife and economy need us to reduce the toxic runoff into the bay, not undermine EPA authority!

Take 30 seconds right now to speak out—if enough people like you sign the petition to save the bay, it will help give the EPA the strength to resist Big Ag's pressure at a critical time!

Photo Credit: USDS

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