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Maui’s dolphin is the world’s smallest and rarest subspecies of dolphin; it is estimated only 55 are left. A subspecies of Hector’s dolphin, and only found on a small stretch of New Zealand’s South Island, their survival is threatened. Living only a few miles off the coast, they are exposed to sand mining, fishing trawl nets, and a wide variety of pollutants and contaminants. 

Their females don’t begin breeding until they’re seven to nine years old and only give birth to one calf every two to four years. Potential population growth is slow and makes their immediate recovery critical.

Stand with organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and urge New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, to protect these precious creatures from extinction! 

Photo Credit: Earthrace Conservation

To: Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key

You need to protect the last remaining 55 adult Maui’s dolphins off the coast of New Zealand. In order for this species to survive you must limit fishing, shield them from seabed mining and exploration, and monitor boats near the coast.

If immediate action isn't taken, the Maui's dolphin could be extinct by 2030! I stand with the World Wildlife Fund in asking you to protect the world’s smallest marine dolphins from extinction!


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Thanks to all of you, we have reached our goal!  

However, when we send off this petition, we want to do so with as many signatures as possible, so please continue to spread the word!


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