Speak Out for Women in Syria and Other Conflict Areas

About the Petition

In war and conflict zones, women are especially at risk. Yet, women make up less than 10 percent of peace negotiators and less than 3 percent of the signatories to peace agreements, according to the United Nations.

The Women, Peace, and Security Act would promote more inclusion of women in peace processes, not just in active conflict zones such as Syria but also in places where peace—and the status of women—is uncertain.

One need only look to the conflict in Syria to see how desperately this legislation is needed.

United Nations officials estimate that women and children make up 80 percent of the more than 470,000 Syrian refugees in neighboring Jordan. These women and children are “vulnerable to an increased risk of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse,” according to U.N. Women.

Photo Credit: Credit: Russell Watkins/U.K. Department for International Development

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