Tell Congress: Stop Student Loan Interest Rates From Doubling

About the Petition

Just last week, I learned that my two years at my college will put me $25,000 in debt. Like many of my friends, I work two jobs to be able to barely afford college – all while going to school full time.

Recently, I read that student loan interest rates were going to double, and while Congress is fully able to keep this from happening, they have yet to act. I – and millions of Americans – can’t afford to have our rates doubled and need Congress to act…quickly.   

Join me and the Education Trust's I AM NOT A LOAN campaign in demanding a solution today.

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Updates & News

  • Jul 05 2013

    Tell Congress to Vote Yes on The Keep Student Loans Affordable Act

    Even though Congress did not stop interest rates for Stafford Loans from doubling on June 1st, there's still a chance to help students. On July 10th, the Senate is scheduled to vote on The Keep Student Loans Affordable Act which would slash the current interest rate in half, restoring back to the original 3.4% interest rate. Please raise your voices, stand with students, and tell Congress to vote YES to The Keep Student Loans Affordable Act.